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Turning your business ideas into interactive mobile apps.

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Mobile App Development

Website Designing Company In Delhi

They are home to your brand on people′s smartphones

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    By 2017‚ total numbers of apps downloads will reach 26‚86‚92‚000 Crore

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    89% of people′s time spent on media is through mobile apps

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    91% of adults have their mobile phone within arms reach 24/7

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    There are more mobile phones than there are toothbrushes.

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    Push notifications have a read rate of 97%‚ and open rate of 7%.

Website Designing Company In Delhi

Customers like the focus and simplicity of apps. Apps earn you credibility and loyalty of your customer. So let′s talk about them.

There are two type of apps :

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Website Development Plans for Any Technology Platform

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Om Soft Solution provides custom website creation for a range of technology platforms such as LAMP‚.NET or Java. If you face difficulties that are too complicated to manage for your technicians ‚ we provide alternatives that are simple to apply to your systems. We have a team of extremely qualified and qualified web development experts and programmers with thorough understanding of the present company.

Om Soft Solution provides web development alternatives for multiple end-to-end site development projects using the php development framework of Zend. We use normal website development procedure and the recent testing instruments. Our web development solution varies from easy websites to extremely complicated company apps.

With the recent and emerging internet technology, we are renowned all over the globe for our top quality and inexpensive web development and software development services. On a turnkey basis, we have effectively provided internet alternatives to multiple kinds of business worldwide. Our professional web development experts use web design instruments such as Web 2.0 to give our customers trust and power to represent their company thoughts with confidence to their associates and clients in order to attract more company and create more income.

We aim to provide web development solutions that fulfill customers ' exacting requirements and operational requirements. We also take the critical elements of search engine positioning and placements into active account. Our technical focus is always on offering a web-based solution through our creative web development models that assist clients meet the difficulties of the evolving internet situation.

Call us for a free estimate of the project and we're sure you won't be disappointed.

Om Soft Solution has been in the development room of the iPhone app since the device was introduced. During this time ‚ we've created more than 250 applications for iPhone alone. Our iPhone application developers ‚ designers ‚ and program executives are specialists in achieving the correct equilibrium between customer thoughts, iPhone platform standards ‚ user experience and expectations ‚ as well as project technical difficulties and opportunities. As a result ‚ a big number of our clients have seen outstanding achievement ‚ with their applications reaching the top of the charts in both paid and free segments in the App Store.

Besides the strong expertise in the creation of the iPhone app ‚ our application designers have a thorough knowledge of the Apple platform and the multiple elements concerned, including the iPhone SDK ‚ Cocoa Touch / Objective C ‚ Xcode IDE ‚ Interface Builder ‚ Open AL ‚ Core Audio ‚ Core Animation ‚ Core Graphics ‚ WebKit Programming ‚ Accelerometer ‚ GPS and Core Location Framework.

It's not just our understanding of developing iPhone apps— the factor that distinguishes us is our approach to a fresh project. Our development team guarantees that we know your request in detail not only from a technical perspective ‚ but also enjoy its company end ‚ thus providing a winning iPhone app.

Several of our self-published iPhone apps have been in the top list of the App Store and have gained us additional reputation for business achievement. This experience has been extremely valuable for our iPhone application developers to understand what works and what doesn't. We guarantee that as a customer you get the most from our experience ‚ information ‚ ability ‚ and understanding of iPhone development room. And we'll work with you on every step from conceptualization to completion ‚ providing a good iPhone app.

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