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Style Guide : Om Soft Solution


  • Trustworthy‚
  • Active‚
  • Minimal‚
  • Thoughtful‚
  • Wise‚
  • Imaginative‚
  • Professional‚
  • Confident

Color Pallete

  • #158ACD
  • #005281
  • #75B845
  • #4E4C08
  • #F2CF3D
  • #202020

Om Soft Solution as an ecommerce website Design development In jaipur, we provide a full website management system for e-commerce that provides the ability to manage all your websites, including content, goods, prices and images. Through logging in from any web browser, you can access your store. Products, product categories, delivery options, payment options and even warehouse stock level cofntrol are just some of the features offered to you from your site's initial design.

Let us tell you a few things about our web design process