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Om soft solution company in Jaipur helps a customer by providing a shopping portal services. Shopping portal Development is required to maintain your business. Many people looks for the shopping portal to make their shopping easy and fast from the first step of choose your item till payment. We provide a one-stop solution for both, whether you're looking to build a large or small online shopping portal. We've been on the market since 2012 and we've worked on more than 200+ e-commerce portals. As a result, we are the pioneer in the growth of the shopping portal and our business is continually growing at a rapid pace.

If the dream of creating a state of the art shopping portal is a solution as an extension of their existing business is to collect wings through our service. We provide a range of the commercial version of the regular and technical basket based on your business needs and the level of flexibility that may be necessary to achieve the user's high-end experience. Portals have evolved a lot and now companies have tailored portals for their specific uses, including their use by staff, clients, partners and shareholders. Such portals are called enterprise portals and have been warmly welcomed by the business houses. A new category has also arisen and is known as the Career Portal, which provides information on available jobs for job seekers.

Portals are essential in websites that can provide information from a variety of sources and, in addition, they may or may not offer web services to users. A good example is Yahoo, which provides information of a diverse nature and also provides basic internet services to consumers, such as search engines, emails, etc.

Shopping portal Services include many features. Some of them are:

Product management – In this, you can manage products in different category with their quality.

Order management – In this, you can manger your order time, date, address and many other things.

Payment gateway integration – Payment gateway helps you to make your payment online which is safe & secure.

Order Tracking - With this customer can track their order with order ID as well delivery man can track your area to place your order on time.

Product selling feature – Shopping portal includes many feature like product selling feature that can help you to make your shopping easy.

Product Reviews – Customer can update product reviews on shopping portals.

Discount Features / special offer features - You can check all discount / offers features on shopping portal.

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